November of 2003 saw the long time plan of three toolmakers finally realized when Ron Dietrich, Trevor Huber and John Witt opened the doors of their own Company, Edge Tool & Die Inc. There were no employees; just three very experienced tradesmen with a vision and the determination to succeed. They worked extremely long hours and wore the hats of receptionists, salesmen, customer service, purchasers and built the very first dies themselves. The quality of workmanship and their commitment to customer satisfaction began to pay off in an increasing customer base and repeat business. Edge Tool & Die proudly hired the first employee in December of 2003 and has never looked back.


2005 saw the departure of John Witt in his pursuit of other endeavors leaving the two partners, Ron Dietrich as President and Trevor Huber as Secretary Treasurer / Plant Manager. The two long time friends and business partners compliment each other and bring different, but critical skills to the table. They utilized those skills and continued to move forward and in spite of the tough economic conditions faced by the automotive industry that devastated some Tool and Die shops, they continued to add staff. Today Edge Tool & Die has grown from a three man operation to a staff of twenty who work in various departments including Engineering, CNC, and Finance. The Company is young, vibrant and hires the best, never forgetting their commitment to the customer or the true value of a great employee.  In spite of ongoing hurdles in the automotive industry, Edge Tool & Die continues to prosper because of the visionary leadership of Ron and Trevor and the dedication of an extraordinary team of people who give their very best every day.